Unrefined Beauty

Image Credit: Aylin Çobanoğlu 

My name is Jacqueline. I have recently moved to a new town and have only my hobbies and university to keep me sane. With little to no money to create spaces of my own I thought that I could share my love online of design. I am a lover of anything alternative. I love expression through design. The earliest memory I have of design was when my family moved into our ‘forever home’, which it wasn’t but, that was the intent. My dad asked me how I would like to paint my bedroom walls instead of keeping the dreadful smiley face yellow. I mean every wall was… yellow. At the ripe old age of 10, I said I wanted to paint my walls white with a really bright rainbow feature wall. Apparently, that doesn’t age well according to dad. Back to the drawing board. Alternatively, I picked a pearl-gold colour, and we plastered my walls with a suede finish. I loved it. That wall was my creative outlet, my little pop of texture, it was weird, and I loved it. I loved that it made me happy. While, since leaving that house, some 12 years later, I have developed a somewhat more refined love and taste for design. I still chase that feeling. The idea of having something that was me. A space that I could love. While feeling somewhat directionless at 23 years old I figured I might bight the bullet and have some confidence to share my passion. While I am also ever evolving my style, I’d like to share any ideas, hacks or simply beautiful things that I think someone else might love. 

The name Green Picket Fences stems from the age-old term white picket fence. In my mind ‘white picket fence’ is the big home, green lawns, the pets on the lawn and the white picket fence. I can fully empathise with that. While it is amazing and beautiful it’s not my specific style. I love alternative- the tiny homes, the shed houses, the handmade, imperfect, colour and texture and maybe a not so white picket fence. 

Big hugs to anyone reading this, 

Jacqueline Smith

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