Outside the Frame

Glassware. It’s a fragile staple that I find most homes have. I believe glassware has a lot to say about someone’s style. That sounds extreme, I know. In all honesty though there are so many styles of glassware- it’s so individualistic. A simple piece with minimal detail and shape or the most random texture and shape. The sets that I cherish the most are the crystal sets passed from my grandmother and mum to me. I love that they tell a story. When I have people over for dinner there is a part of me that is proud knowing not only is this serving my friends and I, but it has also been preloved for two generations. While I have those amazing pieces, there hasn’t quite been any glassware that I was drawn to to buy myself… until today. I was surfing social media for longer than I would like to admit when I found a Melbourne based company that has a glass that’s ‘me’. I am in heaven. From tumblers, cocktail glasses, drink mixers to wine glasses, they have it all. I am an absolute lover of small businesses. Where I can, I always aim to spend my pennies with them. Stellar Gifting has it all https://stellargifting.com. They have the most beautiful homewares and beauty products that they allow you to customise and purchase as a gift pack or treat yourself. 

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